Shipping Rates & PAYMENTS

Shipping Rates

All containers that are internationally shipped outside of the African continent are sent through Walvis Bay, Namibia. Our quality management implies that we provide only high-grade charcoal, but due to shipping routes and packaging options, the quality might vary.

The following list shows the international commercial terms (Inco Terms) concerning NRC’s shipments and deliveries.

  • ex Works: Farm Waltershagen
  • FOB: Walvis Bay Namibia
  • CIF or CFR: To any destination harbour
  • DAP: Destination of choice

Payment Information

  • Payment Terms: 85% within 8 days from receipt of BL*; 15% within 8 days after unloading
  • Zero-rated VAT included due to direct export

This estimate excludes unforeseen expenses that may occur such as storage, surveys, customs inspections, and others. Exchange Rate and Shipping Tariff is applied on the date of the estimate and is subject to fluctuation.

* BL – Bill of Lading