Our founding members

Dirk Kaiser

Dirk Kaiser

Director, Head of Operations
Ralf Kretzschmar

Ralf Kretzschmar

Director, Head of Plant Infrastructure
Ernest van Biljon

Ernst van Biljon

Head of Finance
Heiko Beckers

Heiko Beckers

Head of Sales

Quality control from harvest to shipping

We ensure premium quality in every bag of charcoal we ship. Because we produce the product and pack it, therefor maintaining quality at every step. This also means there’s less distance for the charcoal to be transported, resulting in less breakage and less dust. The result is a truly premium product, competitively priced and shipped to anywhere in the world.

Heiko Beckers at Farm Hamburg, Namibia

The five founders of Namibian Retort Charcoal are all farmers in Northern Namibia. Despite carefully managing their livestock, they have each been impacted by invader bush growth on their land. This motivated them to found NRC in 2016 with the purpose of sustainably utilising this abundant, renewable resource for charcoal production while at the same time helping themselves and other farmers to reverse the negative effects of over-bushing.

Sustainable. Natural Reserve. Premium charcoal.

Before, farmers would take a bulldozer to remove encroachment bush and burn it in a heap. Today, it’s profitably harvested and safely turned into high quality charcoal using steel retorts to minimise emissions.

The result is slow-burning charcoal for the perfect barbecue (braai) and great, clean-burning charcoal for restaurants.

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Have your bags branded

Start selling premium charcoal. Simply send us your branding, and we’ll print it on our high-quality packaging.

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We pack it for you

We’ll fill each bag with our premium charcoal. All you have to do now is choose which grade and size of the lump you want.

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Shipped from Namibia

We manage supply chain logistics from our factory to your door, making sure you get the correct order.

NRC house brand

Phoenix Charcoal is our own house brand for direct orders. On the following landing page we provide more information about the product and its origin.

Species of bush we harvest

  • Vachellia erubescens – Bluethorn

  • Vachellia fleckii – Bladethorn tree

  • Vachellia luederitzii – False Umbrella Thorn

  • Vachellia reficiens – Red Bark Acacia

  • Vachellia Mellifera – Blackthorn

  • Dichrostachys Cinerea – Sicklebush

  • Vachellia haematoxylon – Grey Camelthorn

  • Terminalia prunioides – Purple Pod Terminalia

  • Terminalia sericea – Clusterleaf