NRC and COVID 19

As most companies Namibian Retort Charcoal is also experiencing the effects of the current COVID 19 outbreak. Even though Namibia isn’t overall as infected as other nations, we take the provided regulations and recommendations very serious.

The necessary protective clothing and respirators have been stocked in advance and provide an uninterrupted supply chain from production to logistics.


Currently we are working with a smaller staff to ensure the recommended distances between people. This wouldn’t be necessary because of the sizes of the farms, where NRC is harvesting hardwood, but it creates smaller communities and workers camps and therefore a much more manageable environment.


NRC depends on local namibian logistic companies. As long as normal clearance at the representive harbour is provided, we don’t experience tremendous delays.

As a FSC® certified company we recommend also to check out the FSC® news feed about COVID 19 updates in regards to charcoal manufacturers.